Some Info

This avatar search only returns public avatars.

It is usable from your web browser or through VRCX

Data is slowly re checked and being verified over time

Images are proxied through our servers(both on the web based search and the VRCX search) to prevent requests to the API and to detect deleted avatars.

Announcements/Important Information

This will be where Downtime and other things are announcened. So if you are having any issues check here regularly for updates. If it does not get fixed within a few days contact us.

We now have a Twitter account for status updates and announcements of downtime and outages. Follow to find out about issues faster!

Starting at 06:30 AM UTC on the 19th of September 2023 some unknown attacker has attempted to DDoS our service. Since none of the requests reached our origin servers the service was at no point interrupted or degraded.

Data collection

Anonymized data is collected on all endpoints. This data only includes which endpoint is being requested and what search method is being used and what search term was used.

The image proxy exclusively saves response data sent by VRChat to serve the image to other users without requiring the proxy to download the image from VRChat again.

Additionally, we use CloudFlare to protect and speed up our service.

You can find the web based search here

Loading times depend on how many people are currently using the search and the search method you choose.

VRCX Search

Method 1 (VRCX Version 2022.10.05 and higher)

Click THIS to automatically add the database to your VRCX installation.

Method 2

To use the avatar search in VRCX go to "Settings", click on "Advanced", enable "Remote Avatar Database" if it's not already enabled, click on "Avatar Database Provider" and paste this (right click and copy url) CLICK HERE COPY URL into the text field and press the "OK" button.


For feature requests please send a mail to [email protected].
For bug reports please send a mail to [email protected].
For removal requests please send a mail to [email protected].
For anything else contact [email protected]